wooden keyboard for iMacs and Macbooks

to get an idea of how they look, I thought the wireless was the best example, but the keys are also available in a lighter tone, which I find more pleasant to look at:

Although the letters seem big, I imagine how comfortable it would be to type on these. You can find them on kickstarter, if they manage to launch the product.


wood camera: Ondu pinhole camera

Today, this great projects comes from Slovenia. The Ondu has many declination, depending on the height of the film. This is the basic one:


The operation is super simple. There is only one screw, to open or close the pinhole. the rest works with strong magnets, meaning it cannot fall apart, but is easy to take off.

Source: kickstarter

woody week #2, the Beige ‘Metis’ wood watch

Beige ‘Metis is a maple watch, a tree which is more known for its sirup, but whatsoever, It seems to be able to make gorgeous watches:

The designer behind the ‘Metis’ is Italian, and he is such an environmentalist he will plant one tree for every ‘Metis bought. So no more felling bad having a watch shipped from the other side of the world and therefore producing tons of CO2. This square model isn’t the only one, and if you enjoy more classic rounded watches, I’m sure you’ll find that too.

source: consignd

woody style week !

I remember on design4youandme, I did a round-up of wallets, and it worked  better than I expected. So this next few days, I’ll talk about wood products exclusively  (until I don’t find any worth mentioning at least)




Today, I want to present you:

Bamboo Skate Sunglasses

wood glasses 1

wood glasses 2


I personally enjoy just watching those sunglasses, and that’s a good sign. You can trust me. The particularity of those skate sunglasses are that they are in fact made of broken pieces of skateboards. Neat right ? I don’t skate, but I love the joyful colors of the two models.

source: consignd


Welcome to my second blog :)

I recently realized my current blog didn’t have place for some of the things I want to post. this include mostly beautiful objects from great designers, but not innovative stuff like I often find on kickstarter and enjoy. Also, while I often write a lot on design4youandme, I’ll write less about these products, just a few lines, like a Pinterest. Products here will mainly come from fancy, consignd, Etsy, and other website like this. Finally I want to try consignd influence sell, which correspond more to this type of objects than those find on design4youandme. I chose to name it thislookgood, as this is the first impression we have when seing a cool product. I wanted to list products we find ourselves having this kind of reactions.

voila, I hope you’ll appreciate this new blog, see you soon 😀